Enterprise-class Managed database services

Deploy your next MySQL or PostgreSQL Database without the pain of managing it.

  • Create Your First Database
  • Add a new slave
  • Remove a slave
  • Increase / Decrease Database Resources

Managed Cloud SQL

Free yourselve of managing databases

We currently support MySQL / PostgreSQL without any limitation unlike Amazon RDS or Cloud SQL. We believe you deserve the full features of these databases and that there are no reasons for you to miss any of them.

You are in control of scaling, we monitor and ensure it is up and running.
  • Scale Up / Down

  • Horizontal Scaling

  • Database performance metrics

  • Pro-active free database assesments

  • Starting at only 15$/Month

  • Multi-Region replication

We are providing our years of experiences in Database Management and Production environment support. We allow you to FOCUS on your customer as we manage the servers for you.


Best settings applied for each sizes. Not happy with the performance? Let us know using our support ticket system and we will take care of your issue


Automated solution enable us to recover your system quickly and human free.

Your database can also be replicated accross multiple region.


Our customers enjoy that we manage the database for them.
You can hire us to do consultation about your databases, we will tell you how you can optmize.

Stay tuned for our future releases, follow our Blog and let us know your business needs using our Feature Request section.

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*Free tier consist of the first 5$ free, if you do not like the service you may destroy all severs and you will not be charged.