We believe that you probably have not heard much from Softlayer lately. We had the opportunity to test their platform while we were implementing the API. We must say, if you are looking for a cloud provider which provides a great customer support you would not be deceived. They also provide a lots of customizations for your needs. Security wise, they have a lot of customizations more than Google, Azure and DigitalOcean.

Create the Softlayer Cloud Provider

To create the Softlayer Cloud Provider:

  • You must know your account Username.
  • You must have your API Key.

First, find the Cloud Providers section from the left menu, then you may click the Add Cloud Provider button.


You will be shown with the following screen.

  • Select the provider Softlayer in this case
  • Fill in all the informations
Parameter Required Description Example
Name Y Unique name to be displayed to your users. Google Demo - West
Tag N If you want this API to be inherited to child projects, specify a tag value Demo
Username Y Softlayer account username ACenterA_API_User
API Key Y API Key associated to the user. st48bab7ffanfoinn2s2bmabofa3mkc1fsg3t2g2qgg
SSH Username Y This will be the boostrap user created for the Portal to run remote commands. acentera
SSH Private Key Y This currently require a password-less ssh-rsa key. id_rsa
  • Once all informations are entered, you may Save the new provider.


Create new Softlayer User

From the Softlayer Control Website, create a new User Account.

  • Select the Users from the Account menu located at the top.


  • In the next screen, you are presented with a list of users. Click the Add User at the top right of the screen.

  • Fill in all the required user profile informations, and click Add user.


The next section is to assign User permissions. First, in the Support tab

  • Check All Permissions.

Creating or modification of new Virtual Machines requires view, edit and creation of tickets.


Select the Devices Tab.
* Check All Permissions.


Select the Network Tab.
* Check the Add IP Address permission.


Select the Services Tab.

  • Check the Manage SSH Keys permission.
  • Check the Upgrade Services permission.
  • Check the Manage Storage permission.


Select the Account Tab.

  • Check the View Account Summary permission.
  • Check the Add/Upgrade Cloud Instances permission.
  • Check the Cancel Server permission.
  • Check the Add Server permission.
  • Check the Add Storage permission.


Once all required permissions are checked, click on the Add Portal Permissions at the bottom right of the screen.

Generate / Get User API Key

From the Softlayer Control Website.

  • Select the Users from the Account menu located at the top.


Once the page has loaded, you will see the list of users. If the API Key has not been generated you will have to click on the Generate link.


The API Key will be shown at the top of the page as follow: