Playframework And EmberJS


ACenterA Community Cloud is meant to be both a Command Line and a Web client/api to manage all of your cloud needs. Unfortunately, at this point only the Web portal has been built so far. We have found that many organization are trying to build the same thing over and over, which is a centralized Web Portal for their needs. We have choosen to give to all of these companies our web portal as a base to start with. With some community work, we can build the best "Enterprise-Class" Cloud Management portal.

Another key thing is that we want to make sure everyone is able to provide feature updates. We will integrate all of the pull request done by other people in order to make this Cloud Management Portal, the best framework used by everyone.

Please note that some of the code done will require major refactoring as this is in alpha. Some of the implementation has not been done in a proper way since we rushed this release out. Anyone is invited to provide a better architected solution, and we will try to give him proper credits for doing so.

Used Technology


Ember.js is built for productivity. Designed with developer ergonomics in mind, its friendly APIs help you get your job done fast.

Play Framework

Play is a pure Java and Scala framework and allows you to keep your preferred development tools and libraries. If you already use Java or Scala as a development platform you don’t need to switch to another language, another IDE or other libraries - just switch to a more productive web framework!

ACenterA Core

Our ACenterA Core play plugin is meant to provide the fondation of your own custom portal. Play framework (2.2.2), and the way this is used as a "Plugin", allows you also to overwrite files for your own customizations. As you still benefits of future updates.


Modern Web application must be stateless in order get the full power of the cloud.


The security has been done using the "Shiro", a well known Java framework. You could add custom authentication such as ldap, or other type of authorization as needed. Currently, the base support uses a Custom Database Security Realm with a Salted Password to ensure that no passwords are stored in clear text.


Use of hibernate make it easier to build web application. Even if hibernate is a good ORM framework, in order to keep it performance many optimizations is required to be done using raw sql statements.


The use of EmberJS as Front-End makes this application restless ready.

Identity Access Management

The way this framework has been build is not to use the usual "Group" access. Everything is based on Tags. In order to give a user access to a specific Group or Ressource (API, Server, Network, ...) you must make sure that user have the proper "Tag" assigned to it.

In short, a "Group" (ie: tag -> MySQLDatabase) could contains a collection of Tags. If a user get the MySQLDatabase tag, he will automatically get all the tags assigned to that "Group".

Each tags, could also get specific permissions such as the ability to "Reboot" servers, but not the ability to Destroy, or Resize them etc... This will allow you to define proper permissions based on your business requirements or needs.

ACenterA Web

Our ACenterA Web is meant to provide you with a blank web portal that is using the ACenterA Core Module. You should fork the ACenterA Web in your own repository in order to make your own web portal.


Our next blog post will consist on how you can build or extend our web framework. Make sure to share this to your friends and collegues, and to also provide Feature Request, in order to make everyone benefits from it, and build the next Cloud Web Framework.

Everybody is welcome to execute any of the feature requests and create a git pull requests towards our git repository, so that we can share these updates to all the other people.

ACenterA Team.