MySQL DataController

MySQL Data Controller

Data Controller overview

We had often faced the same problem over and over. As companies grows, the need for Business Intelligence appears and this also involves many different source of information. We also have found that most solutions are complex to setup or quite expensive without providing real-time data replication between systems. We took that problematic and created a unique solution called Data Controller, a mysql plugin to solve the transfert of multiple source of data into a single point to solves Business Ingelligence and Data Integration challenges. Meet The Data Controller MySQL Plugin.

Anyone is free to publish this into a GitHub repository, we would definately add a link to it.

Note, this was built in 2010, and was working with mysql 5.0 up to mysql 5.1.X

Supported Databases

The Data Controller is installed on MySQL as a Plugin.

It can successfully connect to :

Multiple MySQL Databases

Multiple Oracle Databases

Multiple MS SQL Database

Here's a video that shows how simple it to synchronise Oracle Database from multiple source of mysql databases.

Download link of the installer / Compiler : Download links

Better screen view