Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud requires you to create an API User. With that API User you will assign them access to specific API's. There are not many permissions options on this cloud provider. Our cloud portal fulfill your business security requirement needs.

Our application require the following api access: *Google Compute Engine.

Create the Google Cloud Provider

To create the Google Cloud Provider:

  • You must know your Project Number.
  • You must have an enabled Client ID (Generated email).
  • You must have the PKCS12 file associated with the Client ID.

First, find the Cloud Providers section from the left menu, then you may click the Add Cloud Provider button.


You will be shown with the following screen.

  • Select the provider Google in this case
  • Fill in all the informations
Parameter Required Description Example
Name Y Unique name to be displayed to your users. Google Demo - West
Tag N If you want this API to be inherited to child projects, specify a tag value Demo
Project Number Y Google Project number 501239892162
API PKCS12 File (p12) Y API Client ID with Compute Engine access.
Project email (Client ID) Y API Client ID with Compute Engine access.
SSH Username Y This will be the boostrap user created for the Portal to run remote commands. acentera
SSH Private Key Y This currently require a password-less ssh-rsa key. id_rsa
  • Once all informations are entered, you may Save the new provider.


Create new API Client ID

From the Google API Console, create a new Service Account Key.

  • Select the Credentials from the left menu.


  • Use the New credentials dropdown and select Service account key


  • Enter a Service account name and select P12, and click create.
  • You should note the Service account ID ( the whole email address ). That is your Client Id, or Project email.

The browser should download a .p12 file upon creation. Keep the downloaded file in a secure location as you will need to upload this file to the cloud portal.


You can confirm the user has been created from the previous (Credentials) page at the bottom of the screen.


You can confirm the user has been created from the previous (Credentials) page at the bottom of the screen.

If you click on the Manage service account you will be able to see your service account email address, in the event that you have not written it.


Enable Compute API

In order to successfully communicate with Google Cloud API's, the Compute API must be enabled.

  • In the API Manager from the left menu select Overview
  • In the content select Google Engine API


  • Ensure the API is Enabled


  • From the left menu select Compute engine.


  • Ensure no message is displayed stating the compute engine is being configured.


  • Finally, lets make sure the quotas are high enough. Go in Compute, and select Quota from the menu.

  • Make sure you upgrade the trial account (if, its trial)


Find your Project Number

In order to find your project number, you must login to the google developer console and go to your google cloud console dashboard.

Once the page has loaded, you can see the project number in the first box just like in the following image: