DigitalOcean is a simple and cost effective development environment. They offers SSD drives on all virtual machines for only 5$ per months. With the use of our cloud portal, you can effectively spawn new Virtual Machines when you need it, and destroy them when your day is done. This ensure you only pay for VirtualMachines when you need them. Also, it also ensure that you did not miss something from few months ago, when you have to re-install your great application.

Our application require an API Token from your DigitalOcean account.

Create the DigitalOcean Cloud Provider

To create the DigitalOcean Cloud Provider:

  • You must know an API Token in your account with write access.

First, find the Cloud Providers section from the left menu, then you may click the Add Cloud Provider button.


You will be shown with the following screen.

  • Select the provider DigitalOcean in this case
  • Fill in all the informations
Parameter Required Description Example
Name Y Unique name to be displayed to your users. DigialOcean Daily Development - Fast Dev
Tag N If you want this API to be inherited to child projects, specify a tag value Dev
Token Y DigitalOcean example Write access API Token. 68b44664d04b966c1ecd34f0645e90181f1215c49bd1cde6ce2221613c624e12
SSH Username Y This will be the boostrap user created for the Portal to run remote commands. acentera
SSH Private Key Y This currently require a password-less ssh-rsa key. id_rsa
  • Once all informations are entered, you may Save the new provider.


Create new DigitalOcean API Token.

From the DigitalOcean Page, Login or Create an Account.


  • Use the API top menu button


  • Use the Generate New Token button


  • Enter an API Key (ie: ACenterA API)
  • Ensure Write Access is checked
  • Use the Generate Token button


  • Finally, copy the token key and store it in a secure location.