Amazon Web Services ( AWS )

Amazon Web Services API is simple to use. You only need to create a user and provide them with proper credentials.

Our application require the following permissions: "AmazonEC2FullAccess", and "AWSStorageGatewayFullAccess" for snapshots.

Using Custom policies you can restrict the API even more. We will not cover the custom policies.

Create the AWS Cloud Provider

To create the AWS Cloud Provider:

  • You must know your user Access Key.
  • You must have the associated Secret Key.

First, find the Cloud Providers section from the left menu, then you may click the Add Cloud Provider button.


You will be shown with the following screen.

  • Select the provider AWS in this case
  • Fill in all the informations
Parameter Required Description Example
Name Y Unique name to be displayed to your users. AWS Development - QA
Tag N If you want this API to be inherited to child projects, specify a tag value Dev
Access Key Y IAM User Access Key Id. AKIAUHPFCPC22A2F5OF
Secret Key Y Secret key mapped from the Access Key. yzZMko3PucWAFl2zrSdFd/2AIwZ3B3B/MAeGfTaz
SSH Username Y This will be the boostrap user created for the Portal to run remote commands. acentera
SSH Private Key Y This currently require a password-less ssh-rsa key. id_rsa
  • Once all informations are entered, you may Save the new provider.


Create new User in AWS IAM

From the AWS IAM Console, create a new User

  • Select the User tab from the left menu.


  • Use the Create New Users button


  • Enter an Username (ie: ACenterA_API)
  • Make sure the Generate Access key is checked.


  • Store your User Access Key and Secret Key


In the next step, we must configure the user with the two required permissions.

  • Select the newly added User.


  • Attach toe tow following policies. AmazonEC2FullAccess, AWSStorageGatewayFullAccess